A new vision of the business of luxury travel

Unlocking value for our partners

TripArc is a collective with a new vision of the luxury travel business. We combine innovative technology with a totally re-imagined blueprint for how travel brands can work together to unlock more value – for hotel, air, cruise, DMCs, agencies, tour operators and more. And we believe that this new vision also helps all our partners deliver better travel experiences for their affluent clients.

There are many unique benefits to this ground-breaking approach. With over $1 billion in transactions and a reach to thousands of advisors, we negotiate direct net rate contracts as well as commissionable rates coupled with amenities with our travel partners – and provide efficient distribution through tour operators and travel advisors, ensuring that they drive production through these channels.

Above all, with our ADX platform for travel agencies and TMT platform for tour operators, we can guarantee pricing thresholds are upheld for our partners, to maintain their brand and business integrity.

Together we are TripArc – an innovative new architecture for how all of us in the luxury travel business can succeed.

Our partner network

47+ companies
transaction value
$1 billion+
Number of
travel experts
Number of

What does Powered by TripArc mean?

  • Innovative technology driving partner efficiency
  • Full transparency in process and results
  • More value for partners and their clients

Partner benefits

One of TripArc’s key objectives is addressing the distribution problems facing many luxury brands in the travel industry. Working with us, our supplier partners are provided with access to the right travel professionals in the most effective way possible. Our network of travel advisors and tour operators are focused on an affluent clientele and we want to ensure that:  

We are your procurement partner

Our best-in-class supplier relations and procurement team collaborates with you to bring the best rates, amenities and offers to our broad network of advisors and tour operators, in a sustainable way that protects the long-term value of your brand.

Our advanced technology connects consumers to you

We offer travel agencies and tour operators an easy-to-use innovative digital platform that is simply a better way for them to book travel for clients. In many ways this is the backbone of our offering, because it gives us the ability to ensure that our partners’ pricing is not compromised with thresholds upheld within our network.

We offer marketing and lead generation

With our sophisticated marketing program, we work with you to create personalized communications to market your brand and drive your results. This includes in-platform brand building and customizable marketing program including social, content, and so on.

Travel agency benefits

TripArc makes all aspects of the travel industry easy and simple for you as an advisor or agency owner:


Our easy-to-use ground-breaking technology platform enables you to create single price bundles including air, hotel cruise, ground, activities, DMC, and insurance to drive 20% margins.


Our innovative and highly connected proprietary platform:

  • Auto-calculates the best rates, so you’re always able to maximize your revenue
  • Enables you to output holistic and beautifully designed quotes to clients quickly and easily
  • Offers benefits such as zero debit memos, commission collections, integrated 24/7 support, and online client credit card payment

Limitless access

Our team is negotiating on your behalf with suppliers to bring advisors exclusive amenities, as well as opportunities to meet both with your peers in person and online to learn from the best.

Front-to-back support

Enjoy the benefit of an entire back office solution without the overhead:

  • Merchant processing, commissions, reporting integration, CRM and lead generation
  • Other back office benefits include payroll, recruiting, legal, and IT
  • Cloud-based platform with 99.99% uptime and Office 365 connectivity


Connects you with vast range of suppliers globally, and negotiate based our scale so we can provide you with the industry’s best rates, net rates or EDGE rates.

Tour operator benefits

TripArc’s award-winning tour operation platform in a box provides:


A singular pricing model


Generate leads for less to grow your business


Build custom content with connections to 300+ suppliers from 90+ countries


Quote, sell, modify, and close/reconcile trips quickly and easily


Nets, FX, and commissionables. We do all your finances for you

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